We're just a couple of foodies who have a passion Omnomnomhappy! is a result of being incapable of coming up with a brilliantly creative blog name. Instead, it's simply the blissful feeling we get when we eat! This blog will just be photos of the delicious, strange, heavenly, or just delicious food we come across throughout our daily lives. We don't have fancy DSLRs and we rarely have time for any Photoshop editing, so this is food just the way we see it: in its raw state. Pun always intended. Yum! Enjoy :)

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Tea Sparrow Teas- White Wedding

This is quite an interesting concept where you “subscribe” to their program and they will send you four different teas reviewed by their tea club that meets weekly made up of subscribers. As the subscriber you get to sample different types of tea for only $20 per month (pricey if you count it per person but if you share it with a couple of other people it really isn’t too bad), if you like it all the information of the company is on every package so you can buy more. 


A very small shop on Broadway that we saw one time out grocery shopping at Whole Foods and Save on Foods. Since Cheese Cake etc. doesn’t open until 7:30 we opted for this option instead. I felt kind of dissatisfied after eating it. The crust really lacked in the flaky melt in your mouth property. 

Viji’s Ragoli for us sad univeristy students who can’t part with their money like that. We ate a really early dinner (at like 4:00).I haven’t had Indian food much in my life so I’m not sure how good or authentic this is in comparison but the flavours were all bold and everything was prepared very well. Viji’s is supposed to be the best Indian food in vancouver so I’ll take their word for it.

So our microwave doesn’t rotate so it has a tendency of burning popcorn…

Nondenominational Residence Holiday Dinner

The absolute best part was the quinoa. Well what do you expect? It’s a free dinner.

So they make huge birthday “cake” cookies at blue chip…

Lucky’s Doughnuts- Orange Honey Pistachio 

Perfect companion to your 49th parallel coffee. After I ordered my doughnut I sat down at a table to photograph my doughnut (of course every normal person would do that). I look up to see the cashier give me a thumbs up and she proceeds to tell her colleague about this girl photographing her doughnut. Oh the things I do for food. 

Tractor- Kitsilano

An elevated approach to simple local ingredients. They have a variety of salads and soups to chose from at a reasonable price, living up to their motto of “Every day healthy foods”. 

Waffles Gone Wild

Keep Calm and Eat a Waffle

We got the Japanese matcha waffle to share and contemplated if we should get one of their pie inspired waffles to go but in the end we decided to leave it for another time. You can’t really go wrong with this flavour combination, they added a nice personal touch to the plate with chocolate “drawing” on every plate. 

They also have a wall of Polaroids of their customers, surprisingly there were a few familiar faces among the crowd. We’ve also been inducted onto the wall!  

Neverland tea salon

We stumbled upon this place on their opening night after our dinner at the Eatery. They take all their baking seriously, all their desserts and pastries are made in house. We got the demi high tea (half portion) and the Fig and Brie sandwich to share. The scones were the best part of the high tea ( you can also get them separate from the high tea). We had so much devonshire cream and strawberry jam that we couldn’t bare to waste and just started eating it on it’s own because it was so good. I loved the fig and brie combination, I’ve seem to have developed a love for a salty sweet combination recently. 

Cafe Marulilu

451 Broadway W, Vancouver

A cute quaint cafe located right across from the Broadway skytrain station. We initially wanted to come here for lunch but we got out the door a bit late so it became a bit of a early lunch.

Nothing too amazing just simple home-style japanese food. 

Cafe Cittadella

Located inside a heritage building with a second floor overlooking the street ( although quite tricky to climb when you have coffee in one hand and your sweets in another). When we were locating the place we were puzzled if we could really find a cafe along this street. The juxtaposition of the rustic building alongside commercial office buildings was quite interesting. 

I had no idea what a con panna was but I decided to try it because I don’t see it too much. After a quick wikipedia search after I found out it was a “espresso with cream”. I’ve become a black coffee drinker so it was perfect but I didn’t really like how acidic the coffee was but that’s just my personal taste. 

I liked the flavours of the green tea rice crispie but it seems like it has lost it’s crispy-ness from sitting inside the display case for too long.

We took advantage of the Taste of Yaletown to try out Minami that would normally be way over our lunch budgets. We had the “three course” set menu for $25 and got to try a variety of their dishes. 

Miku is known for the “creation” of aburi sushi which is essentially “torched” to get the nice sear. The sushi was just melt in your mouth goodness with quite creative combinations. 

The matcha creme brule was creamy and smooth but I wished they torched the top more thoroughly. This is no excuse when they torch their sushi so well. 

Describes my approach to life perfectly in six words. 

Sura - So I got tired of rez food… so we decided to head downtown to eat before supporting a friend at a concert. I definitely want to come back to try out their lunch menu next time.

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